Why Should You Repair Your Leaky Roof?

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Why Should You Repair Your Leaky Roof?

Do you suspect that a storm has caused damage to your roof? Are you concerned that your deteriorating roof materials have left your property susceptible to leaks? Leaks can cause a lot of issues for home and business owners. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we proudly offer residential and commercial roofing services for clients across the United States. Our experienced specialists provide a wide range of premium services including roof inspections, new roof installations, roof repair and roof replacements. Have you worried about leaks, but aren’t sure if hiring a roofing expert is necessary? Here are just a few of the problems that can develop if your roof leak is left ignored.

Toxic Mold Growth
Mold spores love to grow in spaces with high moisture content. Your roof is designed to prevent the accumulation of moisture, so if there is a leak, then that protection is removed. Under the right conditions, mold can spread quickly, invading your insulation, walls and more. Since many common varieties of mold can cause chronic allergies, respiratory issues and even neurological problems, it’s important that you defend your home or business against the invasion of mold.

Structural Problems
If a leak is left in place for long, excessive amounts of water may begin to infiltrate important structural components of the home. Wood used in framing may become damaged and begin to deteriorate. Exterior walls can become weakened and siding compromised. Roof damage that exists on the side of a building may leave concrete slabs vulnerable to moisture issues as well.

Rising Utility Costs
While water damage is a primary concern when it comes to damaged roofs, energy costs are also a big downside. Leaks leave your home or building susceptible to rain, but the same cracks, tears or punctures will allow the air inside your property to escape. This makes it hard to regulate your indoor temperatures without overloading your HVAC system. If you do have major leaks, expect to see a large increase in your monthly electric bill.

Electrical Hazards
Another often forgotten problem associated with roof leaks, are electrical hazards. If water from your roof makes its way into your walls, then your electrical wiring may be exposed to moisture. Corroding or damaged wiring is a common cause of electrical fires.

Expensive Repairs and Renovations
If your home or commercial property does develop extensive damage, then you might be required to invest in expensive repairs and renovations. The associated costs can rise significantly if structural problems have occurred. In some cases, restoration isn’t simply for cosmetic and design purposes, but must be performed in order to remain in compliance with local building standards and regulations. To make matters worse, repairing your roof may be more challenging, especially if damage was due to neglect of roof maintenance, rather than an unforeseen emergency.

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