What’s a Roof Boot, and Why Should You Care?

What’s a Roof Boot, and Why Should You Care?

It isn’t always easy to see the details of your roof from the ground level. Yet, if you climb onto your roof, you would find a lot of components that are vital to the function of your roof. Sadly, the vents, flashings and other materials can often go ignored for years. Roof boots happen to be one of the most commonly ignored items. The result of such neglect can eventually cause water damage, mold growth, structural risks, electrical hazards and other major issues. At CMR Construction, we provide quality residential and commercial roof services for property owners throughout the United States. We enjoy helping our customers find ways to improve the integrity and longevity of their roofs, and we want you to have similar results. Here is some information about roof boots, the role they play, and how to avoid issues.

What Exactly Is a Roof Boot?
A roof boot is designed to cover the opening of your pipe vent. Your pipe vent is very important, because it prevents the gases and foul odors from your sewer line from seeping into your home. However, if the opening of the vent is left unprotected, then it can become exposed to heavy rain, debris and wildlife.

Can Roof Boots Create Leaks?
Roof boots are supposed to be installed with flashing or a rubber collar, which seals off gaps that might exist between the roofing materials and the boot. If these materials aren’t installed properly, or if they become damaged over time, it can lead to massive leaks. If the issue isn’t solved quickly enough, then severe water damage may occur, destroying surrounding roof materials and putting your entire property in danger.

Tips for Avoiding Roof Boot Problems
The first step towards avoiding roof boot leaks is to make sure that the flashing or rubber collar is installed correctly to begin with. Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional, reliable company for your roof installation and replacement services. Yet, the roof boot can still become deteriorated from age, or damaged due to high winds or other environmental factors. To avoid neglect of your roof boot, pipe vent and other important materials, you’ll need to schedule routine inspections at least once per year. Doing so will help alert property owners to roof leaks, cracked tiles, missing shingles and damaged flashing. Hiring a qualified roof specialist will ensure that the roof boot and all other components are thoroughly examined during your annual inspection.

Is it Time for Your Next Roof Installation or Roof Replacement? Call CMR Construction & Roofing
Has a damaged or incorrectly installed roof boot caused major water damage? Get the help you need today. Prioritize the safety and longevity of your roof by investing in a roof upgrade from the team at CMR Construction & Roof. Contact our office for more information about our wide variety of commercial and residential roofing repair, installation and replacement services, or to schedule an appointment with a professional near you.