What Roof Materials Are Well Suited to Coastal Florida Conditions?

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one along the Florida coast, you need to choose roofing materials that can withstand the harsh weather conditions in the area. The region is known to endure extreme weather conditions throughout the year. So, you have to put these severe weather threats into consideration when installing your roof. This article talks about the different types of roofing materials best suited to coastal Florida conditions.

Roofing Tiles

Many homes in coastal Florida have tile roofs that are made from clay. These tiles will not only add value to your home with their remarkably unique appearance but will also improve the durability of your home’s roof because they are highly sturdy and resistant to harsh ocean and weather elements. Additionally, clay roofing tiles are completely fire-resistant. They also serve as insulators, keeping your interiors cool in the hot seasons and warm in the cold seasons. The other great benefit of using roofing tiles is that they come in a wide variety of colors to help customize your home.

Natural Roofing Slates

Natural roofing slates are obtained naturally from stones that are available in a variety of colors, including gray, red, purple, black, and green. These slates are among the most reliable roofing materials, especially for homes in areas where weather conditions are always extreme. Another benefit of natural roofing slates is that they are completely fire-resistant and highly durable. They can comfortably endure regular battering by harsh ocean elements. Experts claim that roofs made of natural slates can remain intact for a hundred years. However, these slates require additional frames to help the roof carry the extra weight. So, you need a bigger budget.

Galvalume Steel Panels

Galvalume steel roofing panels are exceptionally resistant to corrosion caused by ocean spray. Therefore, they keep your home’s roof in coastal Florida looking new for many years. Unlike other roofing materials, galvalume steel panels reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Therefore, they will keep your interiors cool during the hot seasons and warm during cold seasons. Furthermore, steel roofing panels are more affordable than natural slates and clay tiles.

Wood Roofing Shakes

For centuries, homeowners in coastal Florida have been using wood roofing shakes because of their exceptional ability to stand up against the harsh weather and ocean conditions. These shakes are particularly resistant to saltwater from the ocean. They can also endure strong winds and impacts from falling debris. For more information on roofing materials, talk to CMR Construction.