Clay tile roofing installation

CMR’s Tile Roof Installation Process

Tile roofs provide many benefits for property owners. They are both attractive and functional, offering exceptional resistance to wind, water, and fire damage. And thanks to the natural air ventilation that occurs under the tiles themselves, tile roofs are energy-efficient in just about every climate. In order to enjoy all of these great benefits, tile roofs must be installed correctly by roofing experts. That’s where CMR’s tile roof installation team comes in.

Let us tell you about our tile roof installation process:

Remove The Existing Tile 

When CMR is brought in to rescue an existing roof, we begin the roofing process by removing the original tile. We make sure to responsibly discard all debris so that the job site remains clean and safe.

Install Or Repair The Roof Decking and Substrate

Next, our roofing experts install or repair the roof decking and substrate. During this stage of the tile roof installation process, we make sure to replace any damaged wood or fascia. A well-constructed roof deck and substrate provide a solid surface to build on.

Lay The Roof Underlayment

Before installing the roof tiles, it is necessary to ensure that a proper underlayment is in place to provide a secondary barrier of protection. A well-constructed underlayment will prevent rain, snow, or wind from entering the building. This layer is so important that we deploy several inspection protocols before moving forward with the installation. 

Install The Tile

CMR’s roofing experts always use the right tools and best materials to make sure that our tile roofs are installed using the highest standards. Our team produces clean and accurate cuts so that the tile blends seamlessly in the valleys and ridges. We use a two-screw system, which ensures that the tile will stay in place even during high winds. And strong adhesion foam is installed around all perimeters and ridge tiles in order to prevent weather damage.

Final Inspection

Every CMR roof undergoes a thorough final inspection. We take great pride in our work, and the final inspection allows us to verify that every roof we complete is of the highest quality possible.

Learn More About Tile Roofing

CMR has been installing beautiful tile roofs for our customers for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about our tile installation process. One of our team members would be happy to talk you through the process and help you determine if a tile roof is right for you.