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The Most Popular and Longest Lasting Roof Colors

The color of your roof is a very personal choice. Everyone has a different opinion on what style of roof looks best. However, there is more to consider than you might expect when choosing a color for your roof. In this article, we will discuss the most popular roof colors and the longest-lasting roof colors.

The most popular roof color

While popularity alone should not determine the color of your chosen roof, it can be helpful to consider whether your roof will fit in well with the other homes in your neighborhood. As you may have noticed, many neighborhoods share a specific aesthetic. It makes sense to match that style whenever possible. Otherwise, it can be difficult to sell a home that looks out of place with its surroundings.

Neutral tones

While certain neighborhoods and geographies vary from the norm, neutral roofing colors are the most popular. For example, grey and beige tones are the most common, mainly because they match nicely with accent colors employed elsewhere in the home. Bold or saturated colors are simply more challenging to work with in terms of color scheme. While creating an aesthetically pleasing home with a saturated roof color is not impossible, it is significantly more difficult.


In recent years, black roofs have grown in popularity. Many new homeowners prefer to design their homes using desaturated colors, such as black, grey, and white. When set against a white home exterior, black roofs create a bold, modern, and streamlined appearance. Black can be an excellent choice for homeowners who want to express their creativity and individuality without clashing with neighboring homes.

The longest-lasting roof colors

Surprisingly, there is no correlation between the most popular roof colors and the longest-lasting roof colors. In fact, very few people choose to install the longest-lasting roof color.


White reflects sunlight and helps to protect your home from heat absorption and thermal stress. As a result, white roofs tend to perform better than other roof colors over time. However, white is rarely used on residential roofs because it is difficult to keep looking clean. Unless you clean your roof frequently, your white roof will likely look more like a grey one due to the buildup of dirt and debris.

Light colors

Light roof colors are an excellent option for homeowners who want the longevity of a white roof but don’t want constant maintenance. Light grey roofs have become very popular for this very reason. They have proven to be a good compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

Cool roof colors and materials

As we have discussed, white roofs are durable and long-lasting but impractical for most homeowners. Cool roof colors and materials are the next best option in many cases. By cool colors and materials, we are referring to colors and materials that keep your roof cool during intense heat or sunlight.

Thanks to modern technology and manufacturing processes, cool roof colors are only sometimes light in tone. Many companies have created methods of making dark roof colors more reflective. As a result, you can choose a darker color for your roof without sacrificing longevity.

This discussion raises an interesting question – how do you identify cool roof colors and materials? The easiest way to find cool roof colors and materials is by searching the “cool” collection created by your favorite manufacturer, such as this one created by Owens Corning.

Metal roofs

Although metal is not exactly a roof color, it is worth mentioning when discussing cool roof options. By their very nature, metal roofs are highly reflective. They are both durable and long-lasting. Even when painted, metal roofs reflect sunlight and heat as long as a reflective paint is used. Metal roofs provide the homeowner with great flexibility when selecting a roof color.

CMR can help you create a beautiful and long-lasting roof

The roofing experts at CMR can help you select an ideal roof that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. We offer cool roofs in various colors and materials to match your taste and preferences. Contact us today to get started.