Storm Damage Roof Repair

Given normal weather and usage, most modern roofs can last decades. But many areas of the country suffer severe weather frequently and you roof can be badly damaged by these storms. Damaging weather like hail, high winds, icing and more can hurt your roof, leading to even worse damage on the inside of your home. The good news is that CMR Construction covers wide areas of the United States and has expert staff that can get your life back to normal.

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Get the help you need to repair your home. CMR Construction can give you the peace of mind that you need in times of crisis. Severe weather strikes thousands of homeowners every year. Make sure you have experts on your side!

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  • CMR Roofing is the real deal! Our salesperson, Benjamin Head, was very informative, knowledgeable, and communicative throughout the entire process. Our roof was compromised to the point of needing a replacement and Ben walked us through the process and everything to expect from the next steps. We started this process in late September, and by mid-December, we had our new roof! Our new roof looks amazing and we can't say enough great things about CMR – from the workmanship to the professionalism and everything in between!

  • CMR offered a free roof inspection. Milton was great — he was thorough, fair and honest. He sent images and walked me through the process. It was a pleasure to work with this company!


Hail is a constant threat in certain places in the country at certain times of year. Because it is impossible to predict when a severe hail even can occur, your best bet is to rely on CMR Construction to help get you back to normal. Even seemingly mild hail storms can leave damage that will rear its ugly head months or even years down the line so if you've suffered through a hail event, contact us so we can show you, in detail, what you options are. From repair to total replacement, CMR is a trusted source for keeping your home healthy.


In the eastern and southeastern coastal areas of the United States, tropical storms and hurricanes are a never-ending threat to your home. Every hurricane season brings the possibility of devastating damage to your entire house. Hurricane force winds and torrential rains can ruin your roof and damage your siding and windows beyond repair. Tropical storms can turn your world upside down. Let CMR Construction do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your family.


The central or middle part of the United States is home to tornados and severe thunderstorms that can destroy your roof or worse. If your roof has been damaged by high winds caused by thunderstorms or tornados, fill out the form above or call CMR directly to get your life back on track. Having your home damaged by a severe storm can be a terrifying feeling. You need expert home repair professionals like CMR Construction on your side