Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel roofing is an excellent choice for those who want a beautiful, long-lasting roof. It comes in many colors and styles to match the look of your home and is very durable even in severe weather conditions.

Benefits of Stone Coated Steel

Extreme Durability and Longevity

Stone Coated Steel roofs are installed worldwide in areas with the most severe weather. This material is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 185 mph and is approved for use in Miami-Dade county, which has the strictest wind codes in the country. It also carries a 2.5″ hailstone warranty and a Class-A fire rating (the highest possible). 

Energy Efficient

Stone Coated Steel roofs are also energy efficient. The materials provide additional insulation to your home or business, making it easier to maintain the internal temperature without overextending your thermostat. In addition to reduced energy costs, the steel itself is reusable and recyclable. 

Increased Curb Appeal

Stone Coated Steel gives you the best of both worlds, by delivering the versatility of a metal roof with the visual appearance of tiles, shake, or shingles. The beauty of your new roof will instantly raise the value of your home or commercial investment. Enjoy a wide range of design options, including a multitude of colors, textures, and shapes to match the design of your property.


Clay and slate roofs are popular and well known for their endurance and reliability. However, they are heavy, which poses a problem for buildings that were not built to handle that type of weight. Stone coated steel provides the look of stone or ceramic but can weigh as little as 1.5 to 2 pounds per-square-foot, making it the perfect choice for properties that can’t handle the extra load.

Awards & Recognition

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