Introducing CMR's proud partnership with Garabar.

Garabar is Florida’s trusted roofing contractor, servicing home and business owners with ease and expertise. We’ve partnered with Garabar to provide a free Roof Diagnostic Report to Garabar’s clients, old and new. 

Get your roof diagnostic report today. A $200 value completely free!

What are the benefits of a free roof Diagnostic report?

Property protection

As storm season approaches, it's important to know where vulnerabilities lie in your roof.

Stay informed

With CMR's Roof Diagnostic Report, our goal is to help you stay informed regarding your roof's health to reduce future repair costs and increase longevity.

Budget Better

Take advantage of CMR's free Roof Diagnostic Report and use our findings to prepare and budget for future expenses.

Damage assessment

Early detection of existing defects eliminates worry & cost of emergency repairs.


CMR includes photos & a description to explain any defects and potential maintenance needs.


CMR will provide a summary of our findings and suggest action items, options for immediate and preventative roof maintenance as well as other recommendations.