Roofing Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Roofing Tips for First-Time Homeowners

The roof is one of the most important aspects of a house. When the roof has been compromised, it can lead to a wide range of issues including water damage, toxic mold growth, structural risks, electrical hazards and more. Therefore, it is vital that new home buyers take a close look at the condition of the roof, and prioritize maintenance after moving in. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we offer premium residential and commercial roofing services for clients across the USA, including roof repairs, replacements and new installations. If you’re considering purchasing a home for the first time, and are in the market for a previously owned home, be sure to read below for tips on finding roof problems and what to do to keep the roof on your new property safe and reliable for years to come.

Look for Aesthetic Flaws
While some roofing issues are subtle, and require professional inspections to uncover, there are obvious problems that you can see with a simple glance. Shingles that are bald, split or curling are a telltale sign that the roof needs a repair or replacement.

Inspect the Attic
If the roof has a leak, then the attic is often the best place to look for the source. If you see sunlight peeking into the attic space, or notice signs of mold and water damage, then it can alert you to the need for a professional roof inspection.

Keep an Eye Out for Algae, Moss and Mold Growth
If you live in a humid environment, there is a good chance that your roof is susceptible to moss, mold or algae growth. These uninvited guests can quickly overtake your shingles or tiles, causing premature deterioration and roof damage. If you notice even a small patch, be sure to remove it immediately.

Make Maintenance a Top Priority
Even the highest quality roofing materials can be compromised if maintenance is neglected. Homeowners need to routinely clean their roof and clear out their gutters to extend the longevity and dependability of their roof. Get rid of leaves, bird’s nests, stray branches and other debris seasonally. Forgetting this basic task can encourage accumulation of materials, which can block the flow of rain and melting snow. If the problem becomes sever enough, the water can pool on areas of the roof, creating water damage and undermining the condition of your roof.

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Did you move into a home, only to discover a major problem with your roof? Do you want to upgrade the minimum standard roof on your older property to a durable material that will instantly raise the value of your investment? Then call CMR Construction & Roofing. Our professionals have the training, specialized equipment and hands on experience needed to get the job done right. Contact our office to learn more about our wide variety of commercial and residential roofing services, or to schedule an appointment with a roofing expert in your local area.