Protecting Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar panels are a costly investment that can leave a dent in your wallet. How do I keep my solar panels safe on my roof? This article advises you on protecting solar panels. Possible Threats to Your Solar Panels Since most solar panels are installed on rooftops and other high places, they face several real

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How Do Ice Dams Damage Roofs?

In winter, heavy snow and cold temperatures reign supreme. To make it worse, most of this snow lands on roofs, leaving them weak or wholly damaged. Aside from putting pressure on your roof, the heavy snow will cause ice dams, leading to leakages. This article explains how ice dams can damage your roof. What Are

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Roofing Materials That Stand Up Well Against Wind Damage

Different parts of the United States are highly susceptible to serious storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Living in these areas can be expensive, but you can prevent these costs by choosing roofing materials that stand up well against wind damage. This article offers the best roofing materials for your house if you live in an area

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What Roofing Materials Work Especially Well in Hot Climates?

When choosing roofing materials, you have to consider the prevalent weather conditions in your region. If you live in a reasonably warm area, your roofing materials should be able to reflect heat to keep your interiors cool. This article offers roofing materials suitable for hot climates. Roof Overlays Overlaying your roof means installing an extra

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What Challenges Do Specialty Roofing Materials Present?

Your property’s roof is one of the essential components of the building because it protects you and your valuables against harsh elements like rain, UV rays, and excess heat. Apart from offering protection, your roof helps your building stand out from the rest. But to achieve this, it must be specially designed and installed. Specialty

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How Do New Roofing Materials Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

Have you suddenly noticed an unexplained rise in your monthly electricity bills? If so, you should have your roof inspected to see if it needs to be improved or replaced. Studies have shown that an old roof can increase your energy costs, mainly because they’re built with outdated roofing materials that are less energy efficient.

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Are Permits Required to Have a Roof Replacement Done in Naples, FL?

One of the main concerns that homeowners in Naples, Florida have when replacing their roofs is whether they need a permit. In most American states, you need a permit from your local government for any major construction project, especially the one that involves the roof. This article will learn when and why you need to

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What Roof Materials Are Well Suited to Coastal Florida Conditions?

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one along the Florida coast, you need to choose roofing materials that can withstand the harsh weather conditions in the area. The region is known to endure extreme weather conditions throughout the year. So, you have to put these severe weather threats into consideration

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Deciding to Repair or Replace a Commercial Roof

Although every property owner hopes that their roof will last for decades without signs of deterioration, many external factors can affect the lifespan of a commercial roof. For instance, you could have chosen the wrong system for your roof, or perhaps your commercial roof was not installed correctly. Harsh weather conditions can also lead to

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Types of Residential Roof Gutter Systems

Rain gutters that run along the base of your roof are designed to do more than just keep rainwater from drenching you as you enter or leave the house on a rainy day. By directing water out and away from the foundation of your home, gutters eliminate the risk of flooding in your basement and

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What is TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) Roofing?

A thermoplastic olefin (TPO) roof is a roof made of single-ply roof membranes designed using ethylene propylene rubber. These membranes are meant to combine the sturdiness of EPDM rubber with the exceptional performance of the hot-air sealable closures. TPO membranes have proved to be reliable roofing materials with excellent resistance against ozone. They are also

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When Should I Have My Commercial Roof Inspected?

Although the thought of inspecting your commercial roof regularly may seem like a bother, it becomes worthwhile when you consider the benefits you will get from a strong, reliable, and long-lasting roof. Replacing a roof now and then is a costly undertaking that can easily be avoided by ensuring that your roof is always in

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Why Are Roofing Materials So Expensive Right Now?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2019, the world has been experiencing a devastating economic impact. Sadly, almost every sector of the economy has been affected. However, the construction industry seems to have been dealt the heaviest blow by the pandemic. Although everyone hoped that 2021 would be the year that everything will start to

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Why Gutters Are Important to Your Home

Although gutters are an integral part of every home, they are often overlooked. You may assume that these simple fittings running along the edges of your roof are for aesthetic purposes, but the truth is that they play a critical role in keeping your home safe and looking in good shape. Without gutters, your home

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