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Protecting Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar panels are a costly investment that can leave a dent in your wallet. How do I keep my solar panels safe on my roof? This article advises you on protecting solar panels.

Possible Threats to Your Solar Panels

Since most solar panels are installed on rooftops and other high places, they face several real threats that you must take into account when installing them. For instance, they are exposed to the elements, including hailstones, snow, ice, debris, and other objects falling from the sky. If your solar panels aren’t installed correctly, they may fall from the rooftop and become completely impaired.

Your solar panels also face the risk of being stolen, especially if they’re installed in an insecure location. The rising cost of solar panels makes them a perfect target for thieves who want to make a quick buck. Therefore, you must figure out the best ways to keep your discussions fully secure.

Ways to Protect Your Solar Panels

Proper Installation

One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make when installing their solar panels is to attempt to install the panels themselves without the assistance of a qualified and licensed technician or hire unqualified persons posing as professional technicians. This leads to severe problems in the future.

If your solar panels aren’t installed correctly, they might fall from the rooftop or turn out to be ineffective. They also pose the risk of causing electrocutions and fires in your house. So, leave the installation work to people with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Shield Them

You can install a wire mess over your solar panels to protect them against falling objects and birds that might litter them with their fecal matter or build nests on top of them. Pigeons are known to make the gap between your roof and solar panel their cozy homes, and this will eventually render the solar panels ineffective. You should also remove your solar panels’ tree branches and other heavy objects.

Set Up Alarm Systems

An alarm system will deter solar panel thieves from targeting your panels. Setting up a standard alarm system on your roof will alert you whenever someone attempts to tamper with your solar panels. Many thieves won’t even try to touch your meetings if they notice the alarm system.