Copper Roof Utah Governors Mansion

CMR Wins NACIA Copper Roof Award

We are proud to share that CMR has won the North American Copper In Architecture (NACIA) Award for our copper roof project and installation work on the Utah Governor’s Mansion. CMR has more than 20 years of expertise in specialty and copper roofing projects.


The Utah Governor’s Mansion had issues with its roof despite it being well within the usual lifespan. Part of the issue was that the original roofing material was unable to withstand the expansion and contraction that occurred due to changes in the weather. Utah’s climate ranges from extreme heat to extreme cold, which means that not all roofing materials are suitable in this region.

The CMR project team was asked to provide a beautiful new copper roof that would protect the building and withstand the changing climate, enabling it to last for decades to come. The roof we installed showcases 90 squares of custom rectangular and diamond copper tiles. Skilled artisans and sheet metal specialists delivered an exquisite roof, complete with hand-fabricated tapered diamond turrets, that will continue to impress and protect well into the future. The entire project was completed in record time—90 squares in 100 days.

Learn more on the Copper Development Association website.