Keeping Your Roof and Gutters Clean

Gutters & Roof Repair: Why is it important to keep them clean & working

The idea of a fun weekend usually does not include cleaning the gutters in your home, but it’s certainly an important task.  It can significantly reduce future costs in home repairs and improvements. The frequency of gutter cleaning needs depends on the number of trees in your yard and the climate of where you live. The types of leaves and how often they fall can also affect your gutter cleaning schedule. At minimum, plan to get up on a ladder every four months, or ditch the ladder and call CMR Construction and Roofing.

Structural Damage

One of the most pertinent reasons to keep your gutters clean is to avoid roof damage. If leaves and debris fill the gutters of your home, water may overflow and cause your roof to rot. The additional weight may also cause your roofing materials to collapse unexpectedly. If water backs up in the gutter system and freezes, it will push up against the roof structure and cause damage to shingles. This can destroy the wood and cause roof leaks, obviously resulting in more issues.

Depending on the amount of water that enters the home when gutters overflow, it’s possible your basement or crawlspaces could flood. Foundation repair alone can cost over $10,000.  This doesn’t include the potential threat of mold and mildew, toxic funguses that can threaten the health of humans and pets. Mold and mildew may trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory disorders.

Besides the damage that overflowing gutters can cause to the integrity of your entire home, the most obvious issue starts with weight of the debris. When leaves and sticks become wet, the heavier they become. Weight will put stress on the gutters and their hanging brackets, which can result in the gutters falling off of your home. Gutters are pricey enough to replace on their own, not to mention any necessary light or window replacements due to subsequent damage.


Prolong the Life of your Gutters

Not only will clean gutters protect the longevity of your home, clean gutters will protect the durability of the gutters themselves. Organic matter in a clogged gutter may cause rusting and corrosion. Therefore, you should clean your gutters regularly if you want them to last long. Most gutter systems can last up to twenty years if properly cared for but can cost thousands to replace if neglected.


Pests & Critters: Keep them Out!

Outside of the structural and fundamental destruction clogged gutters can cause, a gutter laden with debris is bound to attract all sorts of critters and pests such as birds and mosquitos. Sticks and leaves are ideal for nesting sites, making the gutters an approachable home for these critters. Clogged gutters could even attract rodents and bee infestations. Pests like mosquitoes, rats, and other bugs love to reproduce in a clogged gutter.



Beyond the physical home, clogged gutters can even cause indirect damage to your landscaping aesthetic. While landscaping helps with regulation of temperature extremes and adds beauty, it enhances the value of your home. If water overflows from your gutters, it can cause soil erosion, sweep away your treasured flowers, or even demolish the plants that you purposely chose for landscaping.

From damaged foundations to shingles and roofs, mold and mildew to respiratory issues, we say don’t wait!  A simple chore like cleaning your gutters can quickly escalate to a laundry list of serious problems around the home. By prioritizing this vital maintenance task, you can save countless dollars on home repairs. Call CMR Construction and Roofing for an estimate today!