Metal Roofing

Is A Metal Roof The Best Type Of Roof For You?

When it comes to selecting a new roof, homeowners have never had so many options. While shingle and tile are excellent choices, homeowners should also consider metal roofing. Metal roofs have several advantages that distinguish them from more traditional roofing materials.

Pros of metal roofs

• Durability: Metal roofs are exceptionally durable. They are resistant to high winds, large hail storms, and even fire.
• Longevity: Metal roofs typically perform well for 40-70 years.
• Low Maintenance: Metal roofs are an excellent option for people who want a low-maintenance roof. Aside from the occasional cleaning, metal roofs should perform well without any special treatment.
• Energy Efficiency: Because metal roofs reflect sunlight, they help to keep your home cool in the summertime. This means you will not need to run your air conditioning as often and will save money on your energy bills.
• Environmentally friendly: Most metal roofs are made from recycled materials. They can also be recycled at the end of their lifespan. As a result, metal is amongst the most environmentally friendly roofing materials available today.

Cons of metal roofs

• Expense: Although they tend to perform better than asphalt roofs, metal roofs cost more in terms of materials and installation.
• Noise: Today’s metal roofs are a far cry from the tin roofs of the past, but they are more noisy than other roofing materials when it rains or hails.
• Denting: Metal roofs can be susceptible to dents from large hail storms or falling branches. However, thicker metal can limit or even eliminate the problem.
• Appearance: Depending on your perspective, this can be either a pro or con. Some people love the way metal roofs look, while others disagree. However, metal roofs are unique in appearance, which makes them a more controversial choice.

When are metal roofs the best choice?

Metal roofs are a particularly good choice if you live in a geography with harsh weather conditions. As mentioned, metal roofs resist high wind, hail, and fire. They are not susceptible to mold, mildew, or rot. Additionally, metal roofs are terrific in coastal communities because they are resistant to salt corrosion.

Metal roofs are an excellent long-term investment

Metal roofs are not the least expensive roofing material, but they are a terrific long-term investment. Considering their remarkable longevity, durability, energy efficiency, and benefits to the environment, metal roofs are certainly worthy of serious consideration. With a multitude of styles and color options, metal roofs can be made to fit your taste.

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