How To Properly Maintain A Flat Roof

Flat roofs have many advantages, not least of which is their appearance. Architects love them for their clean lines and streamlined aesthetic. They also increase the walkable space of your dwelling and allow for possibilities such as rooftop gardens and additional storage space. However, flat roofs require regular maintenance to function their best. This article will detail tips and tricks to keep your flat roof looking and working beautifully.

Flat roof maintenance tips

The most important steps you can take to care for your flat roof are:
• Schedule regular inspections
• Eliminate pooling water
• Check your flashings and seals
• Keep your roof, drains, and gutters free from debris
• Immediately address problem areas (tears, cracks, spongy areas)

Schedule regular inspections

Unless you are a roofing expert, you should schedule at least one yearly professional roof inspection. In fact, a roof inspection each spring and fall is ideal. These inspections are critical because roofing experts can often spot and resolve minor problems before they become big ones. Your diligence will be rewarded because regular inspections will likely extend the life of your existing roof.

Eliminate pooling water

Pooling water is the nemesis of flat roofs and is the most common reason why flat roofs fail and need to be replaced. Flat roofs are performing correctly when there is no pooling water present. If pooling is a recurring problem, it is best to address it immediately. A properly trained roofing expert can help you fix your drainage issues and repair any damage that pooling water has caused.

Check your flashings and seals

Seals and flashings should always be watertight. If they let in any water, they must be fixed as soon as possible. When inspecting your flashings and seals, check for cracking or separation. These are some of the most common signs of damage.

Keep your roof clean

Cleaning your roof regularly is one of the easiest ways to extend its life. Simply removing dirt, leaves, and branches can improve drainage and limit the potential for leaks. Sometimes, routine maintenance tasks make the biggest difference, and that is certainly the case when it comes to cleaning and debris removal.

Address problem areas

This may sound obvious, but it is essential to address problem areas immediately. Roof failure is something that you want to avoid altogether. If you can inspect your roof, look for signs of distress such as tears, cracks, or spongy areas. These problems can be repaired relatively quickly and affordably if they are identified early.

CMR is here to help

When it comes to flat roofs, CMR has the expertise you need to keep your roof functioning at its best. Our team of roofing experts is available to inspect your roof and ensure it is in excellent working condition. If any problems are identified, we will repair your roof and offer suggestions that may extend its life more than you ever imagined. Contact us today to set up an inspection.