How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

Squirrels can be fun to watch while sitting on your patio or porch, but do not let their adorable looks fool you. These bushy tailed creatures can wreak havoc on your roof. Their sharp claws and teeth can quickly damage shingles, putting your property in danger of water damage, mold growth and more. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we offer premium residential and commercial roofing services for property owners across the USA. Are you struggling with squirrels on your roof? Here are some tips on how to discourage these pesky animals from harming your roof materials.

Keep an Eye on Gutters, Fascia Boards and Other Possible Nesting Areas
In their natural setting, squirrels prefer to nest either in trees or in underground burrows. In modern times, animals are often forced to adapt to their new urban or suburban environment by finding safe spaces in homes or buildings. A roof is a popular hideout for squirrels and other small wildlife since it is elevated and out of sight. They can crawl inside damaged fascia boards or make a home inside neglected gutters. Prioritizing roof maintenance is the best way to prevent nesting. Invest in annual roof inspections and clean out your gutters at least four times per year. Doing so will help you spot signs of infestation so you can take care of the issue before further damage occurs.

Trim Back Tree Branches
Most squirrels will gain access to your roof top via nearby tree branches. Be sure that the limbs and branches on trees next to your home are kept far away from your roof. Seasonal pruning is likely needed to maintain the proper distance. Be careful when planting new trees or large bushes and keep them far away from your roof.

Install a Squirrel Guard on Nearby Trees
If you want to go the extra mile, squirrel guards can also create an extra barrier against squirrels. These cone-shaped metallic devices are designed to wrap around your tree trunk, causing squirrels to slip when they attempt to climb. These inexpensive accessories can help reduce or prevent damage down the road. You can purchase one online or from your local hardware store. If you have difficulty finding one that fits your tree, you can make your own using sheet metal and wire. If you take the Do It Yourself approach, take care when handling sharp metal, and research the proper steps to avoid damaging your tree.

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