How to Choose the Right Roofing Color

How to Choose the Right Roofing Color

With so many options available, choosing roofing materials can be an intimidating process for property owners. A variety of factors may contribute to the final decision, but color often plays an important role. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we provide premium roofing installation, repair and replacement services for clients across the US. We enjoy helping our customers find the perfect materials to fit their unique needs and want to help you do the same. If you’re interested in installing a new roof, but aren’t sure which color is best for your needs, consider the following information.

Aesthetic Value
One of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing a roof color is whether it will increase your curb appeal. After all, the roof is like the frame on a gallery painting. If the color clashes with the overall design of your property, it can have a detrimental effect to the aesthetic appeal of the home or building. If you have a high pitched roof, then this factor becomes even more vital. Make sure you choose a color that compliments the tone of your exterior paint, trim and landscape design.

Energy Efficiency
While the type of material chosen will greatly affect the level of energy efficiency your roof has, the color itself is also significant. Lighter colors will deflect the heat and light of the sun away from the roof, whereas darker colors will absorb the heat. Due to this effect, the color of your roof tiles, shingles, shakes or metal sheeting can make regulating indoor temperatures easier or more challenging. If you want to maximize your energy efficiency, then consider choosing a lighter shade.

HOA or POA Restrictions
Before shopping around for roofing materials, it’s important to consult your home or property owner’s association. They may have strict limitations about the materials, color choices and design of your roof. It may be tempting to act now and ask forgiveness later, but many property owners have been caught in legal battles over their roof before. In most cases, the judgement falls in favor of the association, since a contractual agreement has been signed. It’s always best to follow the guidelines put in place, otherwise you could be legally obligated to pay fines and legal fees on top of having to renovate your new roof for a second time. If your desired roofing options don’t fit into the accepted terms, try negotiating with them. If you can show them examples of other beautiful homes or commercial properties with a similar roof, they might amend the guidelines.

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