History of Roofs

History of Roofs

Humans have always needed shelter. Whether they were hiding from Saber-tooth Tigers or defending their village against a siege of invaders, having a proper place to live is essential to the survival of mankind. Of course, no shelter is complete without a roof, which serves to protect those living under it from the more destructive forces of nature. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we proudly offer premium residential and commercial roofing services for customers across the United States of America. Over the years, we have witnessed firsthand the important role that roofs play, and this has been true since the start of civilization. Have you often wondered how humanity went from seeking protection inside caves to living in modern homes complete with intricately laid ceramic tile, slate or sheets of metal? Here is some interesting information about the history of roofs that may inspire you to upgrade your roof for the 21st century.

Prehistoric Settlements
History’s earliest known human populations tried to find pre-existing shelters in their natural environment, such as caves. Later, mankind began to form roofs made from easily acquired resources, like dirt, clay and plants. While these kinds of roofs could help retain heat and prevent the entrance of large animals, they did little to prevent smaller pests or rainwater. By 4,000 BC, glazed clay and earthenware roof tiles were being used in prehistoric civilizations in China, Babylon and Greece.

Ancient Roof Materials
As time progressed, materials became more sophisticated. Though they were still made from natural resources such as straw, clay and wood, the methods evolved. Wooden shingles, Roman clay tiles and charming thatched roofs began to emerge throughout the world.

The Introduction of Modern Roofing Techniques
As the population of humanity boomed, large communities were formed. Fires could quickly wipe out an entire city, and so many began to develop ways to prevent the spread of flames from one building to another. In the 12th century, King John of England famously declared that all London citizens must replace their original thatched roofs with clay tiles. This is one of the first attempts at creating roofing standards. Thatched roofs, wood shingles and clay tiles continued to remain the materials of choice for the majority of mankind for many centuries. Slate, copper and lead also emerged after the middle ages, but were costly and only used for luxurious estates and government buildings.

Today’s Roofs
By the 20th century, industrialization had made it possible for most homeowners to acquire proper roofing materials. Advanced technologies and new manufacturing practices also brought about a wide variety of durable and long-lasting materials including asphalt shingles, composite tiles and rust-resistant metal.

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