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CMR Construction & Roofing spent the last 20 years protecting and preserving American communities. We are one of the nation's top 9 roofing companies and number one in the state of Florida.

5 Top Facts Property Owners Need To Know About
The Assignment Of Benefits(AOB)

1. What is an AOB?

An AOB is a legal agreement that transfers the insurance claims benefits of an insurance policy to a third party (e.g., a contractor). It gives the third party the authority to file an insurance claim on behalf of the property owner.

2. When is an AOB used?

The AOB has been used in life and health insurance policies for many years, and it’s becoming increasingly popular for property insurance claims. The AOB is popular in industries where the state laws and insurance regulations have become increasingly complex and difficult for people who are not experts to understand and follow correctly.

3. Are AOB contracts legal?

Yes. AOB contracts are legal and contain provisions that protect property owners.

4. Why would a property owner want an AOB?

Many property owners sign the AOB because it’s easier for their contractor to complete the process and ensure the most up-to-date laws and insurance policies are followed. Here are some other reasons:

  • Larger, Faster, More Complete Settlements: When a credible, experienced contractor steps in and assumes responsibility for the insurance claim process, it typically results in quicker, better settlements from insurance providers.
  • Simplified Process & Less Responsibility: The AOB simplifies the process for the property owner, shifting the burden of the work onto the contractor. The responsibility, time, and hassles associated with the process are transferred to the contractor.
  • No Surprises or Hidden Costs: Property owners are protected from expensive surprises, like out-of-pocket expenses, which are capped at the cost of the deductible. After the AOB is signed, the owner is also protected against certain fees like check or mortgage processing fees, administrative fees, and penalties or fees for recision within certain timeframes.

5. Which owner protections are in the AOB?

The AOB contains many protections. Here are a few provisions:

  • A state-specified cancellation policy
  • The contractor cannot seek a payment larger than the deductible unless the property owner requests additional work at their own expense
  • The contractor cannot file a lien against the owner’s property or report the property owner to a credit reporting agency
  • The property owner is indemnified from liabilities, damages, losses, and costs if the insurance policy prohibits an AOB

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We have built a reputation for exceptional work and customer satisfaction for over 20 years..


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About CMR Construction & Roofing

We are proud to celebrate CMR’s 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, we have consistently grown to become the 9th-largest roofing contractor in America. Our expertise, craftsmanship, and dedication to customer service set our award-winning team apart from the rest.

CMR is entrusted with preserving and protecting American communities, including residential, commercial, government, and historical restoration projects. You can count on our commitment to excellence in materials, installation, and service. If you have questions about the AOB or want to learn more about our roof inspection, repair, or replacement services, please contact us.


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I highly recommend CMR Construction & Roofing

I recently had my hurricane-damaged roof replaced by CMR Construction & Roofing. They made it a pleasurable experience. I executed an AOB which allowed CMR to handle all the insurance company paperwork, including the inspection of the roof and financial documents. I now have a new roof that has enhanced the appearance and increased the value of my home.

CMR Construction & Roofing has done dozens of roofs for my friends and several clients. I have never had a company do a project for me that showed the customer comes first and needs to be satisfied 100%. I highly recommend CMR Construction & Roofing.

Jack Peckham
CMR Customer

Excellent Performance & Professionalism

I never write testimonials, but I must make an exception today. CMR has been 100% behind us from the day we called them for help. The roof was damaged by Hurricane Irma, and, as usual, our insurance company inspected the damage and denied our claim. They agreed that there were over 100 roof tiles broken, but said that it was not caused by the storm.

We started calling different roofing companies when our neighbor told us they were going with CMR. We decided to sign the AOB with CMR. While we were waiting for the insurance company to reconsider our claim, CMR put tarps over the whole roof, at no cost to us. When any tarp started to get worn, they immediately came over and replaced them the same day. As soon as the insurance approved the roof and we were able to move forward, CMR immediately completed our roof.

All I can say is that CMR is one of the most honorable companies I have ever dealt with in my life. I have dealt in my business with what you thought were honorable people only to be disappointed. The rep we worked with not only gave his word but stood behind it, every step of the way. His word is his bond, which is the way it was done in our parents’ time. Just a handshake was all you needed. Well, shake CMR’s hand, and you will never be disappointed.

Scott Schmelter
CMR Customer

Awards & Recognition

We are proud of the recognition we receive for our craftsmanship and commitment to helping the communities we serve.