Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

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While the weather in Southern Florida is warm all year long, the fall season can still cause difficulties for homeowner’s who don’t prepare. Falling leaves and the occasional tropical storm are all typical concerns for Florida area home and business owners. At CMR Construction & Roofing, we enjoy helping our residential and commercial clients improve the condition and durability of their roof. We offer a wide range of services, including roof installations, repairs, and replacements. Our team also uses top-rated materials, like slate, tile, and metal, to ensure that our customers have dependable roofs for decades to come. Do you need to prepare your roof for the coming fall and winter seasons? Here is a list of ways you can get your property ready for the changes.

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

August, September, and October can be difficult months for Florida families and businesses. It is during this time that local property owners experience the most severe weather. Therefore, it’s important to determine whether your roof is in the best condition possible before storms hit. A professional roof inspection can give property owners peace of mind and alert them to hidden dangers.

Perform Necessary Repairs or Replacements

If you are notified of any potential problems, it’s better to fix issues before extreme weather causes more extensive damage. Be sure to replace any broken tile or metal panels to ensure that your durable roof materials can stand up to the task. If your roof contains minimum-standard shingles, this may be the perfect time to consider upgrading to more dependable materials like metal, slate, or ceramic tile.

Trim Large Trees

Your southern live oak tree may provide the perfect amount of shade, but if its branches are too close to your house, it could spell disaster for your roof. Don’t wait for the next storm to prune and trim your trees properly. Cutting them before the storms will reduce the amount of potentially destructive debris and will keep the accumulation of fallen leaves to a minimum.

Clean Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts can accumulate a lot of debris in one year. Late summer or early fall is a great time to clear out any leaves, bird nests, and other materials that could create clogs. If blockages are not removed, rain may begin to pool on your roof and cause damage. In addition, any misdirected water can cause flooding in your yard and may start to erode your property’s foundation. Your roof is meant to protect your home or commercial building from the elements; be sure to make the task easy by giving rain a smooth pathway to a safe location.

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