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Deciding to Repair or Replace a Commercial Roof

Although every property owner hopes that their roof will last for decades without signs of deterioration, many external factors can affect the lifespan of a commercial roof. For instance, you could have chosen the wrong system for your roof, or perhaps your commercial roof was not installed correctly.

Harsh weather conditions can also lead to premature aging of your commercial roof. When this happens, you will have to decide whether to repair the roof or replace it entirely. However, this is not a simple decision given a large amount of money needed to replace a roof. Here are some of the essential considerations you need to make when deciding whether to replace or repair your commercial roof.

Extent of Damage

If the damage on your commercial roof is limited to a specific area, you can just repair it, especially if most parts of the roof are in good shape and the insulation is still intact. But if most features are damaged or show severe signs of deterioration, a replacement could be the only viable option.

The general rule of thumb is that if more than 25 percent of your roof is damaged, you need to replace the damaged areas. But if the damage on the roof is greater than 25 percent and the insulation is either wet or not working, and if earlier repairs didn’t hold up, the best option is to replace the entire roof.

Damaged Area

The decision you make should be based on the location of the damage. For instance, if the injuries have occurred over the most critical part of your commercial building or an expensive piece of equipment, then consider replacing the damaged part. But if you have repaired the roof before and the deterioration didn’t stop, you should consider a full replacement.

Occupancy Outlook

If you plan to sell the house in a few years and can practically repair the roof to meet the requirements after inspection, you can just do a routine maintenance procedure. This includes patching up the damaged areas and repairing any part that may be considered a future liability. But if you are planning to occupy the building for a long time, then a full replacement of the roof would be better.

Business Interruption

If the damages on your commercial roof occur in the busiest season for your business, a quick repair would be recommended to avoid a significant business interruption. A full replacement should be scheduled when there will be the least amount of business interruption.