CMR is invested in the communities we serve.

CMR takes pride in keeping families safe, businesses running and lives moving forward. As storm damage recovery specialists, our team of roofers see first hand the catastrophic damages storms can cause a home. Lending a helping hand in times of need is the least we can do to ensure life returns to normal as quickly as possible. Rebuilding communities is at the heart of this company. 

Hurrican Ida Relief: Leading by Example

My name is Tim Berry, Jr. And I am the team lead of CMR construction roofing. We are in houma louisiana right now and my team behind me is handing out supplies to the residents of houma devastated by Hurricane Ida. We had a customer of ours Big Mike Pesci, the state senator of louisiana for this district, just reached out and said, “hey you know we have some people that haven’t had running water. They haven’t had electricity in days. We all pulled our resources together and within three days, we were able to put this together. Basically I got a call, we set it up, we planned a date, we got to work, and everybody started coming in line and giving stuff out. Our louisiana residents of terrebonne, lafourche, and all other areas in louisiana that were hit hard. We’re resilient people. We pride ourselves in working hard but giving hard. That’s what we’re here to do every day. We’ll do the exact same thing. so we’re out here volunteering our time, giving out some supplies. We’ve got cases of water. Maybe some of the essential supplies these folks might need after losing power for a couple weeks. CMR came in they, donated a whole load of cleaning supplies. We were getting plenty of water and MREs trying to get that back to the people so they can try to go down and clean up what’s left of their house and see what they can save. We’re out here doing this work. I hope that we’re leading by example for our community. Hopefully you can do the same and give a little bit of your heart just as we are here.

Getting Help to Victims of Hurrican Ida

You know hurricane Ida hit. The next day we were called out and we’re serving schools. And speed matters. And and we have to hold true to that motto. It’s not just a tagline, it’s the way that we approach this. The reason we say when speed matters is because people matter. And so if you don’t have that speed to communicate, if you don’t have that speed to respond, then you’re left in the dark. You’re left with a leak. Thankfully you know over a 22-year career in this industry as CMR, we have the relationships and we have the contacts and we have the credibility to be able to make things happen that are difficult for other companies to achieve.


CMR recently partnered with the VFW Post 2185 of Panama City, Florida to provide them with a free roof in the midst of severe damage from Hurricane Michael. In a local CBS news report, CMR Construction & Roofing representative Mary Bizien said, “We’re excited beyond belief to do this for these people because we know that they need this building. This is their second home, they come together. It’s actually a place where they get healing too because they get to sit down and talk with one another about their war stories and what they’ve experienced and they need a gathering place and this is it.” Read more about our work with the VFW Post 2185 here

CMR Construction & Roofing on Extreme home makeover home edition

CMR was featured on Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition to rebuild a DECRA roof for one deserving Augustin family. We were honorably selected to participate in the rebuilding of this Texan home to keep their family safe and provide an energy efficient roofing solution. 

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