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Superior Craftsmanship, Service, & Performance for 20 Years

CMR offers a rare combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative processes and technology, making us a trusted leader in commercial, historical restoration, and specialty roofing systems.

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    20 Years of Commercial Roofing Excellence

    Armed with industry-leading experts, top-quality materials, and superior craftsmanship, CMR is a recognized leader in complex commercial and historic restoration projects. CMR has been ranked among the top roofing companies every year since 2007.

    Account Management

    With over 35 manufacturer certifications, we have the expertise, resources, materials, and partnerships to install commercial roofing systems of any complexity—from low-slope to hand-cut slate. Your dedicated account manager guides you through the process—from inspection to installation and ongoing maintenance.

    Service & Maintenance

    Our proven inspection process identifies damage beyond the surface to ensure the repair work addresses all issues and to provide effective solutions that last. Services include IR thermal scanning, moisture detection, and core sampling. We also provide capital asset management for multi-property owners (up to 10 CapEx budgets). CMR also offers annual maintenance programs to optimize the performance of your roof.

    Storm Restoration

    CMR specializes in rapid-response emergency mitigation services. We have personnel on standby in 32 states, ready to dispatch immediately when a storm strikes. Our experts have a depth of experience that is difficult to find among standard roofing companies, including the knowledge & skill to install a wide range of roofing materials—Ludowici clay tile, copper sheet metal, low-slope, architectural metal, and slate.

    Specialty & Historical Roof Restoration

    CMR has earned a reputation for restoring complex, specialty, and historical roofing projects like the Old Red Courthouse in Dallas or George Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge. We are an elite team of artisans with advanced knowledge in designing, installing, and maintaining a wide variety of roofing systems that are less common in modern building projects—from copper shingles to hand-cut slate.

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    Award-Winning Historical Roof Restoration

    Preserving Our Nation's Heritage

    Our award-winning portfolio of historical and specialty roof restoration projects showcases our unique expertise, partnerships with top manufacturers like Ludowici, and artisan techniques that are difficult to find in traditional roofing companies. We are proud to preserve our nation’s heritage one roof at a time.

    Commercial Roof Systems

    We have more than 35 manufacturer certifications and the expertise to install any commercial roof, from specialty slate and tile to low-slope.

    Commercial Roofing Projects Gallery

    View some of our recent commercial roofing project highlights.

    Get to Know CMR Construction & Roofing

    We have built a reputation for exceptional work and customer satisfaction for over 20 years.
    Clubhouse at The Strand

    CMR Construction & Roofing opened its doors in 2002 to serve families and business owners recovering from catastrophic storm damage. Our goal was simple: help people resume their lives as quickly and easily as possible, under a beautiful new roof. We continue to deliver on our promise by providing top-of-the-line roofing systems and fast, accurate, and reliable installation techniques that help to ensure your roof endures through time and stormy weather.

    We employ hundreds of professionals—each highly skilled in their areas of expertise to get you the best results from start to finish. Our team’s highly-trained roofing experts guide you through each step of the process.

    CMR has a fantastic team of people who care about their work and the clients that they serve. Their "when speed matters" motto is backed by expertise, accuracy, and dedication—just like our team here at RSS. I'm proud to partner with this fine group of folks.

    Ryan Sieg, Sponsored NASCAR Driver

    Hear From Our Customers

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    What CMR Has Done May Be Unprecedented
    I set very aggressive reopening timelines that many felt no company could accomplish. Next week, we plan to open 16 schools. What CMR has done may be unprecedented.
    Philip Martin
    Superintendent, Terrebonne Parish School District
    Excellent Performance & Professionalism
    We rate CMR’s performance as excellent. All phases were handled professionally. They were very helpful and they were very conscious about minimizing their impact on our operations. We highly recommend them as a roofing contractor.
    Richard Burris
    McFarlin Memorial Methodist Church
    The Smartest Move We Made in 20 Years
    After Irma hit the Enclave, the extent of roof tile damage on the 38 coach homes was not evident. The Enclave was very fortunate that CMR approached us, and, through their expertise, they were able to demonstrate that the majority of our roofs had failed.
    CMR had separate teams to strip the roofs of tile and underlayment and dry in the roofs with a new membrane. Their efficiency was remarkable…I cannot say enough about the on-site supervision…We were impressed at the precautions CMR took to prevent damage to our homes and how they cleaned up every night before calling it a day.
    This is our first reroofing project, and it was a very positive experience. We now have new 25-year roofs, and our roof reserves will meet the costs of reroofing down the road. Hiring CMR was the smartest move the Enclave made in its 20-year history.
    Michael Marion
    I Highly Recommend Calling the CMR Experts for Commercial Restoration
    I am extremely pleased to recommend hiring CMR Construction & Roofing for all of your restoration needs. In Pembroke Pines, Florida, our commercial campus suffered many damaged tiles, tremendous leaks, and tenant complaints for 2.5 years following Hurricane Irma.
    CMR offered a complimentary exterior assessment of all 15 buildings. The report confirmed lifted tiles, broken tiles, and major leaks. CMR provided emergency services more than 15 times to further stage loss and keep our businesses operating.
    CMR’s attention to detail is unmatched from expert construction services to consulting, scheduling, permitting, safety regulations, material storage, equipment operators, and job site management. As the Designer and Developer of this project, I know firsthand the importance of having professional services onsite and ensuring safety protocols are being followed and that quality workmanship is standardized. I highly recommend that anyone needing commercial restoration services contact the experts at CMR.
    Juan Castillo
    Designer/Developer at Pembroke Pines

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