Advanced Roof Coatings

Protect Your Property in All Weather

CMR offers top-of-the-line roof coatings that can be applied and cured even in extreme conditions. Our primers can even cure underwater and in freezing temperatures, meaning that we can seal and protect your property immediately following major storms to prevent substantial damage.

Benefits of Coatings

Quick & Easy to Apply

Roof coatings are much faster to apply than a roof replacement. It saves you significant time and enables CMR to help you in emergency or storm situations as well to ensure your property is protected as quickly as possible. 

Available Immediately

We have the coatings available all the time, which is a relief to property owners who would otherwise may need to wait on their specific roofing materials due to industry-wide supply chain shortages. 


Our coatings are the toughest around. A few tests have been done to demonstrate its strength. In one, a hollow-core wood door became bulletproof (shot with an AR-15) after being sprayed with just 1/8″ of coating. In another test, a cardboard box was sprayed with coating, and a 300-lb. man could stand on top of it without collapsing. This is high-performance grade coating!


Our advanced roof coatings last and are simple to reapply. Once applied to your roof, your property will be fully protected from whatever nature throws your way. Every five years, we’ll check on its condition and simply recoat as needed to reinforce your roof. 

Awards & Recognition

We are proud of the recognition we receive for our craftsmanship and commitment to helping the communities we serve.