History of Roofs

History of Roofs Humans have always needed shelter. Whether they were hiding from Saber-tooth Tigers or defending their village against a siege of invaders, having a proper place to live is essential to the survival of mankind. Of course, no shelter is complete without a roof, which serves to protect those living under it from … Read more

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips in 2020

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips in 2020 Roof maintenance is essential for property owners who want to improve the longevity and reliability of their roof. Those who ignore the condition of their roof often find themselves dealing with leaks, water damage, restoration costs, frequent repairs and premature replacement of roofing materials. At CMR Construction & Roofing, … Read more

What Does a Roof Vent Do?

What Does a Roof Vent Do? Are you tired of dealing with outrageous utility bills every month? Many property owners become frustrated as they attempt to pinpoint the cause of their rising electricity or gas usage, but few realize that improper roof ventilation is one of the most common obstacles to achieving energy efficiency. At … Read more

What is the ROI on a New Roof?

What is the ROI on a New Roof? Home renovation projects can require a substantial investment of money, time and energy. Therefore, it is extremely important that property owners choose their upgrades wisely. A roof replacement is an excellent choice for those who want to increase the value of their home or commercial building while … Read more