Why It’s So Hard to Plan a Budget for a Roof Renovation

Renovating a roof can be grueling and nerve-racking because it’s challenging to budget for. Unlike installing a new roof, it’s not easy to estimate how much your roof renovation project will cost. This is mainly because there are many essential factors you have to consider when budgeting for your roof renovation. This article discusses essential … Read more

CMR Construction & Roofing and Kalita Motorsports Extend Major Program Into 2023

YPSILANTI, MI (November 10, 2022) — After two successful seasons with Kalitta Motorsports CMR Construction and Roofing will continue their marketing relationship with the multi-time world championship team throughout the 2023 NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series season. Heading into the next season CMR Construction and Roofing will be the primary sponsor on Shawn Langdon’s … Read more

Are Sky Lights a Good Investment?

Many homeowners in the United States are now installing roofs with skylights to make their homes more energy efficient and valuable. You can also upgrade your home and reduce electricity consumption by installing a skylight. This article will tell you whether skylights are a good investment or not. What’s a Skylight? A skylight is a … Read more

Are Gutter Guards Worth the Money and Trouble?

As a homeowner, you must ensure that rainwater is properly drained from your roof to avoid water pooling and leakages. This involves making sure that your gutters aren’t clogged. When your gutters get clogged with rocks, hailstones, snow, leaves, and other debris, they’ll cause water to back up, creating pools on your roof. Many homeowners … Read more

Are Tile Roofs Still a Good Choice in 2022?

For centuries, homeowners have been using tiles as their preferred roofing materials. The popularity of roofing tiles is attributed to their distinctive shapes and assortment of natural earth hues. This article seeks to answer this and related concerns. Types of Roofing Tiles Although roofing tiles have proved reliable and valuable, not all types of tiles … Read more

How Do Ice Dams Damage Roofs?

In winter, heavy snow and cold temperatures reign supreme. To make it worse, most of this snow lands on roofs, leaving them weak or wholly damaged. Aside from putting pressure on your roof, the heavy snow will cause ice dams, leading to leakages. This article explains how ice dams can damage your roof. What Are … Read more

What Roofing Materials Work Especially Well in Hot Climates?

When choosing roofing materials, you have to consider the prevalent weather conditions in your region. If you live in a reasonably warm area, your roofing materials should be able to reflect heat to keep your interiors cool. This article offers roofing materials suitable for hot climates. Roof Overlays Overlaying your roof means installing an extra … Read more