How Gutters and Flashings Prevent Water Damage


Gutters and flashings are often overlooked when purchasing a new roof. However, they serve an important purpose. Gutters and flashings are essential because they help to ensure that water does not penetrate your roof or damage your siding and foundation. What are gutters, and what do they do? Gutters are trough-like fixtures that are installed … Read more

Are Gutter Guards Worth the Money and Trouble?

asphalt shingle roof

As a homeowner, you must ensure that rainwater is properly drained from your roof to avoid water pooling and leakages. This involves making sure that your gutters aren’t clogged. When your gutters get clogged with rocks, hailstones, snow, leaves, and other debris, they’ll cause water to back up, creating pools on your roof. Many homeowners … Read more

Types of Residential Roof Gutter Systems


Rain gutters that run along the base of your roof are designed to do more than just keep rainwater from drenching you as you enter or leave the house on a rainy day. By directing water out and away from the foundation of your home, gutters eliminate the risk of flooding in your basement and … Read more

Why Gutters Are Important to Your Home


Although gutters are an integral part of every home, they are often overlooked. You may assume that these simple fittings running along the edges of your roof are for aesthetic purposes, but the truth is that they play a critical role in keeping your home safe and looking in good shape. Without gutters, your home … Read more

Top Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Top Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean Your roof protects the overall quality and condition of your home or commercial property. In order to perform its function properly, every roof needs the help of gutters and downspouts to safely carry water away from the building. Unfortunately, when property owners neglect their gutter maintenance, it can … Read more

Five Things to Know About Roof Gutters

They’re not usually the first thing you notice upon arrival, but gutters are nothing to overlook when it comes to home maintenance. The function of gutters is to divert buildup of precipitation and debris from the roof and into certain areas in the ground around the home to prevent mold, breakdown, and other dangers to … Read more

Six Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Usually this statement is made when you go on a first date or an interview. But that doesn’t change the fact that this phrase matters when looking at a house to purchase. While selling your home is generally a tenuous process, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of ways to make sure that your home … Read more