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CMR & 3G Home Exteriors have partnered to help Florida homeowners update and replace their pool cages to meet state codes, without the hassle and headache. The state codes for pool cages have changed since yours was installed. If you’re unsure whether or not your pool cage is up to current code, it’s important to get it professionally inspected by us (for FREE!).
Please fill out the form to schedule a convenient appointment with one of our experts. We will inspect your pool cage for free and show you any damage from recent storms. If your cage is not up to code or has damage, we will help you get a replacement—free of charge.
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Pool Cage Damage

Bad weather can be devastating to homes in Florida. It’s critical to have your pool cage professionally inspected after storms to ensure it is in good shape and complies with state laws. Keep your investment secure and book an appointment with CMR today.


Our experts are specially trained to detect storm damage and present our comprehensive reports to your insurance company. Get started now to get your pool cage replaced, free of charge!


CMR is partnering with 3G Home Exteriors to ensure that you get the pool cage repair or replacement you deserve and that all aspects of your pool cage installation are implemented professionally with particular attention to state codes. With our combined experience in insurance, Florida regulations, and installation, CMR + 3G Home Exteriors is the best choice for Florida homeowners.

Customers reviews

Quality and promptness of work was excellent compared to competition. We had a minor issue with labor costs that could have been a major issue but Jake worked closely with us to get it right. 3G & CMR stand by their work and gets it done in a timely manner. I would recommend them in the future.
Craig D.
Lee County, Florida
We had a great experience with 3G & CMR. The price was great, the work was outstanding, and everyone that did work on our house was meticulous and cared about every detail like it was their own house! We highly recommend this company to anyone looking for home improvements!
Kristin V.
Lee County, Florida
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