Are Permits Required to Have a Roof Replacement Done in Naples, FL?

One of the most important things you need to consider when preparing to replace your roof in Naples, Florida, is a roof replacement permit. As a property owner, you are required to apply for a building permit for all installations regulated by Section 105.1 of the Florida Building Code.

The most common question property owners in Naples ask is: Do I need to get a permit for every minor roof repair? Generally, you are required to obtain a permit whenever you are doing structural construction work. So, since roof replacement is structural, you have to apply for the Naples roof replacement permits.

However, there are several exceptions to this requirement, like replacing just a few shingles. But if you want to replace all the shingles or repair the decking, tiles, vents, or any other part of the roof, you must have a permit. This article talks about why you need to apply for Naples roof replacement permits.

Why You Need Naples Roof Replacement Permits

Only two types of people can apply for Naples roof replacement permits for starters: homeowners and general contractors. So, if you own a home in Naples, FL, and you want to do all the roof replacement work by yourself without hiring an outside contractor, you have to apply for the permit yourself. But if you intend to pay someone else to do the work for you, that person should be the one to apply for the permit.

However, you have to ensure that the contractor you hire to replace your roof, especially if the project is worth more than $2,500, is licensed by all the relevant bodies because only a licensed contractor can apply for a roof replacement permit. If you are a general contractor, they can apply for a permit that covers their subcontractors. Do not make the mistake of hiring a contractor who is not licensed because they will not be given the permit.

If a building inspector notices you replacing your roof without a permit, they will order you to stop any further repair until you obtain a permit. They can also give you a fine or order you to undo any repairs you’ve already done. In other words, they might ask you to tear up your spanking new roof. Aside from preventing you from fines and having to take out the illegal construction, Naples roof replacement permits also ensure that your project complies with the building codes, which are often seen as an acceptable quality of work.