Are Metal Roofs a good idea for a house near the seashore

Owning a home near the ocean is an outstanding achievement, especially since you will have easy access to the beach and always wake up to a breathtaking ocean view. However, you need to understand that the ocean weather will not be very forgiving to your roof. So, you have to choose the right roofing material for your coastal home.

Among the commonly used roofing materials for coastal homes are metal roofing sheets. Their popularity can be attributed to their unmatched resilience, durability, aesthetic appeal, and installation ease. However, some people are skeptical about using metal roofing materials for their coastal homes. In this article, we tell you why you should use metal roofing materials for your coastal house.

Advantages of a Metal Roof for a Coastal House

Reliable Drainage

Because metal sheets have few seams, they can drain water from your roof very quickly. These seams are also raised to keep them over the waterline as it flows down your roof, especially in heavy rains of hurricanes.

Resistance Against Flying Objects

Since the ocean brings strong winds capable of flying heavy objects, your roof needs to be strong enough to resist heavy debris. Metal sheets have an inherent toughness that enables them to withstand the impact of windblown debris and tree branches. Also, they won’t crack when heavy hailstones fall on them.


Compared to other roofing materials, metal sheets have proved to be more durable. Furthermore, most modern metal roofing sheets are made from high-quality metals, including aluminum, zinc, copper, and galvanized steel. These metal sheets are also coated with tin alloy to improve their toughness and lifespan. Most metal roofs, especially copper roofing sheets, can remain useful for hundreds of years.

Limited Maintenance

Because of the various harsh elements that Mother Nature throws at your coastal home, you have to repair your roof periodically to keep it in good shape and prolong its lifespan. Luckily, metal roofs require limited maintenance, which lowers their overall life-cycle cost. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about replacing damaged roofing materials after every episode of severe weather.

Wind Resistance

Since metal roofing sheets are screwed or nailed into the frame, they can withstand high winds. If properly installed, metal roofing sheets can resist winds blowing at the speed of 160 MPH and above. So, you won’t have to do routine roof maintenance before and after every storm.